New purchases from DM Drogerie Markt and Nyx Professional Makeup

Goodmorning girls,

today a new post about my new purchases in Milan last friday.

As you well know, in Milan, precisely in City Life, DM Drogerie Markt opened a new shop, the first in Italy. DM is a shop brand focused on the beauty care, personal care, house care and organic food.

DM Drogerie Markt:

At DM I bought:

  • after sport arnica oil 3.99 euro;
  • makeup remover mousse for sensitive skin 3.99 euro;
  • shea and avocado butter for hair 3.99 euro;
  • two lip balms 1.15 euro each;
  • single use face mask 0.99 euro;
  • apple face scrub 2.99 euro;
  • face primer 3.99 euro.

All by Alverde brand.

Also at DM I bought:

  • strip for black points 2.80 euro;
  • make-up remover wipes 1.19 euro.

Both by Balea brand.

Nyx Professional Makeup:

At Nyx I bought:

  • three cialde refill della palette polveri per contouring;
  • a cream concealer for eye circles;
  • the new mascara Worth The Hype;
  • two eyebrow pencils.


Girls, that’s all, I already started to test some products and very soon I’ll give to you my impressions 🙂

See you soon!


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